Ablaze My Sorrow – The Plague (1998)

Genre : Melodic Death Metal
Lyrics: Fantasy, Vengeance, Bloodshed
Origin: Sweden (Falkenberg)

Line up:

Fredrik Arnesson – Lead Vocals
Dennie Lindén – Lead Guitars, Vocals
Magnus Carlsson – Guitars
Anders Brorsson – Bass, Vocals
Alex Bengtsson – Drums

Daniel Heiman (Heed) – Additional vocals
Mathias Lodmalm (Cemetary) – Additional vocals

Track list:

1. Dusk…
2. The Truth Is Sold
3. Into the Land of Dreams
4. Mournful Serenade
5. The Return of the Mighty Raven
6. I Will Be Your God
7. Plague of Mine
8. As the Dove Falls Torn Apart
9. Suicide
10. …Dawn


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