Elffor – Son of the Shades

Genre: Ambient – Dark Ambient
Year: 2002 (Re-Edit 2008)
Length: 44:32
1. Jaboren Basoa/Intro 05:13
2. Son of the Shades 05:11
3. …Of Wolves and Blood 06:23
4. Infernal Woods 06:11
5. Ravensong 04:19
6. The Nocturnal Moon 07:10
7. Long Winter Days 04:18
8. Unholy Gleam 05:47

Beautiful!!!, enormous, simply the best of ambient music in the world, All music and lyrics by Eöl except, the music trates for basque costumes and medieval things
A destacar la canción 4 “Ravensong”. Un auténtico discazo de este genio del Ambient que nunca se verá en concierto como el confesó

Totally recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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