Gothmog (Germany) – Medival Journeys demo 1998

Gothmog (Germany) – Medival Journeys demo 1998
Blood Trips From My Sword
2) Shadows Of The Past I (Medival Echoes)
3) Shadows Of The Past II (In Oration Of Ancient Spirits)
4) Lost In My Dreams (Revised Edition)
5) Night Passion
6) A View Into My Abyss (Special Bonus Track)

Click here to download, or here.

Medieval synth atmospherics by Ral from Mightiest, started up as atmospheric keyboard-heavy black metal similar to Summoning and evolved into neomedieval darkwave resembling Die Verbannten Kinder Evas‘ material. I think this demo is the last official Gothmog release but can’t remember for sure. I know Ral started another project, synth-driven black metal again, Crescendo Of Pain. Might be that it evolved from this.

I’m pretty sure I have some earlier recordings of Gothmog on some tape because I remember enjoying the black metallish sound and being mildly dissappointed the way this demo turned out. Now that I listen to it again I like it very much, almost as much as DVKE mentioned earlier. The 6th track on the tape is black metal, by the way, will give an impression on the original sound of the project. And almost forgot to mention, I’m not 100% sure of the 3rd tracks title as the cover is very, very hard to read at places (white tiny text on images of flames, see the scan enclosed).

Very much recommended demo. I hope Ral releases the Gothmog material on CD someday.

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