Trollheim’s Grott – Demo 1998

Trollheim’s Grott – Demo 1998
Trollheim’s Grott (Introduction)
2) Polar Werewolf
3) Grå varg och svart korp
4) Christian Fuckers
5) Jag drömde om Fimbulvetr i natt

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Continuing on the Finnish demo front, here’s the debut effort of Trollheim’s Grott, best probably known for Spellgoth & his involvement in other bands such as Turmion Kätilöt and Black Death Ritual, or occasional live support for Enochian Crescent & Baptism. I was handed this tape during a gig or other night of drinking at the fondly remembered Valhalla Bar in Kuopio, can’t remember if it was Lord Spellgoth or Troll Nattefrost who gave it to me.

The music presented is very 90s, synth-driven black metal, although T. Nattefrost makes a point of saying on the cover that T.G. isn’t either a Satanic or political band but rather hail pure nature, so I suppose it should be called dark metal. The introductory track has a trollish forest metal feel, the second one is more in the typical later 90’s melodic extreme metal vein, complete with Cradle Of Filthesque narrations. It gets better however, and the last track with it’s choirs is quite good. Overall, I wasn’t very impressed back then and now listening to it again I seem to be able to enjoy parts of the tape while hating others. Very different from the later stuff T.G. released, give it a try, you know you’re curious.

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